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Laser Hair Removal

Lumenis Quantum
IPL Skin Treatments Using Photorejuvenation
Our unique IPL photo rejuvenation procedure provides high peak-power, customizable, Multi-Synchronized Pulses. Engineered specifically for the highest level of safety and efficacy, it offers a remarkable treatment for telangiectasia, broken capillaries and benign brown pigmentation from sun damage and photo aging—treatments to restore a youthful texture and complexion to the entire face.
• Fully utilizes advantages of IPL for treating age spots such as sun induced freckles, solar lentigines and telangiectasia—dramatically improving the appearance of photo-aged skin
• Provides a smoother appearance in 4–6 treatments over four months
• No downtime—patients can resume normal activities immediately
• Treats the entire face for an even and satisfying effect
• Contact cooling for maximum safety and patient comfort
IPL Photo Epilation
The IPL Photo epilation procedure uses lamp configurations for outputs optimized in the red-to-near infrared part of the spectrum. It offers a proven method for achieving permanent hair reduction. It can treat all skin types including the dark skin type VI, and nearly every hair color.
• Adds the versatility of permanent hair reduction to the IPL Quantum system
• Multiwavelength and broad pulse widths allow safe and effective hair removal on
all skin types I-VI and pseudo folliculitis barbae (PFB)
• Treats all body areas, hair depths and a broad spectrum of colors
• High speed, large spot-size system supports high patient throughput