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Medical Ultrasound has been used safely and effectively for many years. This technology has now been modified to treat photo-damaged aging skin, pigment problems, and acne.

SmartSound uses a patented combination of Ultrasound and a unique electrical energy form to effectively and safely stimulate the “building blocks” of the skin and blood flow.ULTRASOUND

The treatment is extremely pleasant with no damage to the skin, no down time, and no recovery. Most clients choose a series of treatments and an ongoing maintenance program. We offer you a fitness program for your skin, which will translate into you having the most healthy and vibrant skin.

The resultant benefit of using electrical and ultrasound energies to naturally stimulate various fibrous, dermal components, like collagen, is mainly due to the ability of these combined modalities to increase blood flow to the area being treated.

Increased circulation improves the oxygenation of tissue, micro/macro nutrient delivery to tissue and facilitates removal of tissue enzymatic free radicals and by-products. These factors are valuable for wound healing or when normal tissue is being stimulated to improve the all-round health of the skin.

The SmartSound has several unique features that produce better results than the many competitive devices available on the market. For example, the SmartSound’s ultrasound frequency is 2.2 MHz rather than the usual 1.0 MHz or 3.0 MHz. The SmartSound’s 2.2 MHz is absorbed over a tissue depth which makes it better suited to treat hands, feet, knees and facial areas because of the tissue depth over which it is absorbed. 1.0 MHz is absorbed over a greater depth and is better suited for massive muscle tissue, whereas 3.0 MHz is absorbed almost superficially and is better suited strictly for epidermal tissue.

Another example of a superior feature is that the Electrical Stimulation pulse rate is continuously swept from 10 to 100 pulses per second over 50 second intervals in order to automatically provide optimum frequencies for endorphin production (pain control) and circulation enhancement (healing). When pulsed ultrasound is used either by itself or in conjunction with Electrical Stimulation, the pulse rate is also swept and is synchronized to the Electrical Stimulation pulses as well.

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